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Westpac Weave is Westpac Group's 'living' reconciliation action plan. It is where you'll find details about our commitments to support Indigenous customers, communities and employees to prosper and grow.


This artwork was designed for Westpac Group by artist Lucy Simpson of Gaawaa Miyay. Representing the heart or base of a weave, this design was inspired by the notion of weaving twining and bringing together the strands of prosperity, growth, independence, sustainability, knowledge, education and opportunity through its foundations (community). The fibres help to create and support a solid, beautiful, unique and inclusive structure.

For more about Lucy Simpson and Gaawaa Miyay: www.gaawaamiyay.com

Latest News and Stories

  • A message from Robynne Quiggin 27/05/2016

    A message from Robynne Quiggin, Chair of Westpac's Indigenous Advisory Committee, in celebration of National Reconciliation Week. Read more

  • Who are Amara and Brendon? 27/05/2016

    Westpac Group employees Amara Barnes and Brendon Grigg-Harriott have recently been selected to join Westpac Group’s Indigenous Advisory Committee (WIAC) as our 2016 internal Emerging Leaders. Read more

  • The woman behind the weave 27/05/2016

    “The Westpac weave has taken me many places,” says Lucy Simpson, the designer of the popular weave pattern used in Westpac’s Reconciliation Action Plan and throughout our annual National Reconciliation Week and NAIDOC Week celebrations. Read more

  • The ‘Islands of Smiles’ just got even happier 27/05/2016

    Mavis Kerinaiua, board member of the Mantiyuwpi organisation in the Tiwi Islands, was so impressed with the Westpac financial education workshop she attended that she has asked for more workshops for her community. Read more

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